Destination awareness through promotional events

Many French tourists travel to Martinique Island, and Martinique Tourism Board is very active in the French market; Interface Tourism supports the Tourism Board for the organiaation of its annual event, « Rendez-vous Martinique », which promotes the island to trade contacts.

Abu Dhabi
5 February 2016
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

Interface Tourism has organized many events for Martinique destination.

One of them aimed at pushing the island’s image emphasising its cultural identity, far beyond its traditional strengths based on beach tourism. Interface Tourism organised a press conference followed by a workshop and a cocktail party, themed on The Carnival, with the Red Devil as an emblem. The red lighting in the ballroom, created a carnival atmosphere, both warm and devilish, flower arrangements and artificial flames were strategically placed to give a feeling of heat and exoticism etc. with entertainment including a DJ, drums and folk dance band, photos, face painting, lottery etc., the 400 guests (travel agents, tour operators) and 20 journalists learned of the key-messages whilst in a fun, relaxed and festive atmosphere!

For another event, Martinique wanted to give a 2.0 “atmosphere” to the event organized by the Tourism Board; Interface Tourism proposed to use social networks to entertain guests and those who couldn’t come to the event, and create a “buzz”. A Social Wall with a hashtag especially created was broadcasted on screens in the room, so that guests could see live in real-time all interactions across different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). In addition, a selfie machine allowed the guests to take pictures of themselves making a lasting memory of the party with their friends (with e-mail sending and sharing on social networks): 351 pictures were taken during the event!

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