Brand awareness campaign for KAYAK

During 5 years, Interface Tourism has promoted KAYAK as a tech and innovative company, one step ahead of its main competitors in terms of technology, and underline KAYAK’s investment in the French market. It was about showcasing KAYAK as a modern brand, aligned to its customers, by generating coverage through unusual events involving social media and influential bloggers.

5 February 2016
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

Our team ensures the presence of KAYAK in the leading IT and e-tourism events in France to present the brand as a pro-active player in terms of new technologies and a key actor in the “big data” public debate: “Next Tourisme” and “Lab des !dées” conferences in Paris.We capitalise on regional events to reinforce KAYAK’s presence in France and its contribution to the French e-tourism ecosystem: “Local web” in Brittany, “Blend Web Mix” in Lyon etc. All these activities have created an increaseed awareness: KAYAK is now mentioned in most public debates concerning OTA and e-tourism issues. KAYAK representatives are invited to speak in the leading tech conferences.

We also developed a new kind of blog trip, by asking bloggers to organize their own trip through the smart tools and travel advices KAYAK provides. This innovative idea allowed us to generate an online buzz about KAYAK, and generate strong live sharing on social networks using a dedicated hashtag #KAYAKhacksIceland (22303 likes on Instagram, 6098 posts and comments on Facebook, and 626 tweets!)

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