Five initiatives in tourism to keep on traveling

Five initiatives in tourism to keep on traveling

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis and especially since the start of confinement in France, initiatives on the part of brands, medias and institutions have multiplied day by day: solidarity for caregivers, participation in the production of masks or hydro-alcoholic gel, free services, access to all kinds of “special confinement” content, etc.

The media coverage around the coronavirus is an unprecedented phenomenon of a scale never reached in France according to various studies: the INA (National Audiovisual Institute) estimates that the pandemic took up nearly 75% of air time on French television channels these last two weeks and no less than 19,000 articles cover the topic every day in the French press according to Press’edd figures, an absolute record.

But with a third week of confinement beginning and the risks of “info-xiety” created by this flood of news on the crisis, the need to escape is also becoming stronger. If some media have understood this and are now starting to offer “100% coronavirus free” segments, tourism players are more than ever on the frontline to act as vectors of dreams, sources of inspiration and messengers of better days.

Quick overview of 5 initiatives or campaigns to make us dream, get away from it all and continue to travel … from home or later!

Philadelphia From Home: a virtual concentrate of America

Named as one of National Geographic’s “Best 2020 Destinations”, the first capital of the United States has gathered on a single web page a lot of ideas to discover or rediscover this surprising metropolis of the East Coast. Several destinations have also communicated on their virtual tour offers, their recommendations in terms of movies or their favorite playlists, but the difference brought by Philadelphia is how they managed to quickly and easily gather all these good ideas on a single platform: Philadelphia from Home. A good way to see more clearly through the wealth of content currently available!

From a local point of view, the city is also collecting the best advices for its residents to continue making the most of Philly #FromHome by listing all the shops and restaurants offering delivery or take-out services, thus encouraging residents to support local businesses. And on the inspiration side, they relay all the beautiful actions initiated throughout the city, like these floral companies which used the flowers planned for canceled events to decorate the fountains and sculptures of the city center.


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Visit Maldives… Later: dreaming for tomorrow

The Maldives’ line of communication on Instagram seems to cater perfectly for our current need for escape, all the while never ignoring the current context or appearing too salesy: #VisitMaldivesLater invites users to dream, to imagine future getaways, while urging them to respect safety instructions in place. A hashtag that was quickly taken up by all local tourism stakeholders to support the initiative.

Maldives social media


Abu Dhabi: stay curious

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism takes a realistic stance in its latest video: “The world is quieter now“. But the message conveyed is not one of sadness: the destination calls out to travelers who are confined to take this time for reflection, for themselves and for others. #StayHome yes, but #StayCurious! More than inspiration, it is above all hope and hospitality that the video wants to convey by closing on a positive note: “Abu Dhabi will be waiting with open arms“.

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I dream of Chile: from inspiration to … action

Chile Travel is resolutely looking toward the future: enjoy your days at home, but start planning your future trips already! With such a concrete example of positive thinking, it becomes quite easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the campaign. Calling to dream and inspiration, I dream of Chile also allows concretely to catch a glimpse of the future. A better way to look to the future?

Chili social media

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The Mulia: giving a face to solidarity

Before encouraging people to dream, many brands and tourism professionals wanted to convey their sympathy, support and encouragement to everyone affected by the Covid-19 crisis, whether they are infected, caregivers who are on the front line or one of those invisible people that allow our societies to keep on functioning during periods of confinement. The Balinese hotel The Mulia, of Mulia Resort & Villas, was no exception, but opted to give a direct voice in the matter to all its employees. True melting pot of nationalities, this international message, #TogetherWeCanDoThis, delivered in a dozen different languages, is a fine example of the mutual aid that has been characteristic of this crisis.

Mulia social media

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