Our favourites… Immersed in the campaign of Guyane, the new Canal+ TV show

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Our favourites… Immersed in the campaign of Guyane, the new Canal+ TV show

Camille Parveau Account executive

Our favourites…
Immersed in the campaign of Guyane, the new Canal+ TV show

Nowadays, we are constantly facing all sorts of advertising messages. In this context, it may be complicated for the brands (including travel brands) to stand out and they have to be more and more inventive and creative. A good way to achieve this is to appeal to our emotions, by using our senses for example.

At the beginning of this year, to promote its new TV show Guyane, Canal+ increased the temperature at Opéra metro station and allowed us to escape from the Parisian greyness and dive into the Guyanese jungle for a few minutes. Imagined by BETC, this immersive campaign was made possible by Havas Media and Adcity in collaboration with Metrobus. The seats were dressed up in wood, real plants and tropical lianas emerged from the walls and there was even a “wild” sound atmosphere. An immersive campaign which could inspire destinations!

Campagne Guyane - Canal +

Of course, it’s not the first time that this station disguise itself for a brand or destination campaign but this one really stood out. The campaign made the immersion possible by using our senses: the sight with the outstanding jungle pictures, the touch with the real plants and hearing with the soundtrack.

We could even imagine going further into the immersion using another sense: the smell, spreading tropical scents. Often forgotten by brands, the smell, acting like a Proust madeleine, is yet the sense that can most trigger impulsive decisions, appealing to our unconscious.

The campaign also puts forward a digital section, essential to have engaged users. Indeed, at the same time than the personalized metro platform, a captivating gold hunt was launched on Instagram…

Campagne Guyane - Canal +

To try to win a trip to Amazonia, following the footsteps of genuine gold diggers, the participants had to scroll down the Instagram page looking for a gold nugget in pictures representing the depths of the Earth. The campaign is now over but the page is still active for the most curious ones:  http://instagram.com/guyane_canalplus

A national and display strategy brought the final touch to this 360° campaign.

This campaign aims at promoting a TV show but those devices could have been used by a Tourism Board, an airline company or any other actor of the tourism industry in order to promote a destination. To make people want to travel, destinations have to create emotions and arouse curiosity through their campaigns, which this one did with success by allowing the passengers to immerse themselves and the users to be engaged on social networks.

In a word, we really liked this immersive and original campaign!

Camille Parveau Account executive

Camille Parveau

Account Executive

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