Reintroduce the mega fam trip to the Philippines

Tourism attractions of Philippines are not very well known amongst the trade in France; to allow travel agents to discover the destination for themselves, Interface Tourism organised a large number of fam trips, including a « Mega Fam Trip » in cooperation with 4 tour operators. Thanks to this partnership, the Philippines reinforced their relationships with their main partners and guaranteed the quality of the participants.

5 February 2016
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

Organised by the Tourism Board, the Mega Fam Trip allowed to 106 travel agents in 4 groups to discover several regions of the country during 5 days. During the trip, a one-day workshop was organised in Manila, during which each tour-operator made a presentation about their preferred product segment of the destination (history, nature, music, gastronomy).

A dedicated Facebook page was launched: before the trip, the participants could receive all the information about the trip to come and “e-meet” their future trip-mates!

During the trip, many messages were posted live, informing travel agents ; when they returned, the participants shared all their pictures thanks to this page!

The results of this Mega Fam Trip were extremely positive, thanks to the participation of two trade journalists who escorted the group and published several articles about the trip and the destination. And above all, the 4 tour-operators saw their booking increase of 80% ithe following year.

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