Design a new nationwide branding campaign

Albania Tourism Board launched a RFP for the design and strategy of a new nation-wide branding campaign that aims to promote Albania’s image in the world. The objective was to highlight the competitive advantage of the country in order to position it as a potential international tourist and investment destination.

5 February 2016
CRT Val de Loire
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

In partnership with Bastille/Souple French agency, the leading strategy and creative agency dedicated to destination branding, we developed a branding strategy for the identity of Albania, its DNA, and message that we wanted to deliver: positive, reassuring & attractive. We proposed a creative concept based on the following approach: Albania is one of the last treasures & hidden opportunities in Europe.

Albania is one of Europe’s last secrets.
From the concept “Share the secret”, we proposed a new positioning for Albania, and a global launch programme, promotion of specific “products” to targeted audience. For this creative proposal, we won the 2nd prize!

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