Encouraging prospects for the resumption of post-Covid19 travel

Encouraging prospects for the resumption of post-Covid19 travel

Interface Tourism Group, leading agency in tourism marketing and communication, carried out in April 2021 a new survey among more than 250 French tourism professionals (travel agents, TOs, MICE agencies, etc.) on post-Covid-19 travel forecasts.


French people want to travel!

The first main lesson of this survey concerns the expected resumption of travel: almost 70% of respondents bet on the second half of 2021 (tied between the 3rd and 4th fourth quarters). Regarding the choice of destinations, Europe dominates very largely and not surprisingly (87%) the ranking of the most requested regions; Spain and Greece stand out strongly, followed closely by Portugal and Italy. Also, of course, France remains a safe bet for travel in the coming months.

The professionals interviewed believe that the privileged experiences will revolve around nature and the seaside, while urban stays (in France or abroad) win very few votes.

Cancellation and refund policy is quoted at over 92% as a priority criterion in the choice of a trip, followed by safety, health and insurance (85.7%), as well as flexibility and personalization travel (55.8%). While the surveys conducted by Interface Tourism in 2020 among the same target revealed worries about travel budgets (a majority of professionals were betting on a 10 to 30% reduction vs. 2019), the new outlook is much more encouraging, since more than 31% rely on a stabilization of expenditure, and 35.8% on an increase.



Business travelers first on deck?

When asked about the classification of clienteles likely to travel as soon as the business resumes, business travelers come out in 1st place, slightly ahead of adults without children. A gap then widens with families and seniors. Group and CE clienteles come last – and by far.

The compulsory vaccine to enter a foreign territory divides: 52% of professionals who spoke think that this measure is a brake – especially as long as the vaccine is not available to the entire population. The tests win more unanimity as a mandatory condition to enter a foreign country.


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