The importance of international associations in the congress sector

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29 August 2018
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The importance of international associations in the congress sector

The importance of international associations in the congress sector

Nowadays, congresses and meetings of international associations are highly sought after in the MICE sector for various reasons.

To begin: a little reminder

The business tourism market known as MICE is divided into 4 sectors:
– Congresses and company conventions
– Fairs and exhibitions
– Incentives, seminars and company meetings
– Individual business trips

What is a congress?

A convention is a meeting gathering a significant number of participants from the same corporation, federation or association, who do not necessarily perform the same profession, and who are grouped around a theme of common interest directly related to their concerns or activities

The clientele comes from two markets: associative (main clientele until the 80’s) and corporate.

What is an international association ?

A non-profit association is a group of at least two people who decide to pool resources to carry out an activity with a primary purpose other than their personal enrichment. If an association has an international activity, it is called INGO (international non-governmental organization).

Today the number of participants in congresses of international associations is very high, they are usually held on rotations of two years to facilitate logistics. This market has become very attractive because it brings a significant number of visitors, as well as a real notoriety to the destinations that host these events.

An association for these associations and providers ?

These associations are grouped together in a larger association, the International Congress and Convention Association. The ICCA brings together the best global providers in the management, transportation and organization of international meetings and events. The association brings together 1,100 companies and organizations in nearly 100 countries around the world. Since its creation more than 50 years ago, the ICCA has specialized in the international association meetings market and its members represent the best global destinations, as well as the most experienced specialized service providers.

The ICCA also publishes rankings each year to determine what are the host cities the most popular among international associations.

Interface MICE, Interface Tourism Department dedicated to MICE, has naturally joined the ICCA. This membership consolidates its expertise in the field of international associations and enables the department to better identify new opportunities emanating from French associations on behalf of its clients by providing them with assistance in the calls for tender, advice and also putting its clients forward as a host destination.

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