Promote the positive image of Lisbon, a leading destination in the mass media

Overall, Lisbon benefits from a very good mage in France, in particular with the media whom consider the destination as an « easy subject ». Therefore it was crucial to enhance new angles in order to promote the city’s other assets and to increase awarness and exposure through mass media and TV channels in particular.

The View from the Shard
5 February 2016
Eva Air
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

In the framework of the PR for Lisbon, Interface Tourism has reached out to several production agencies offering them the chance to cover specific subjects and documentaries about the destination. Several meetings with producers and travel editors allowed us to identify specific topics in order to highlight original angles including special events and new travel products. We also coordinated travel logistics and shoots for TV reports or TV shows (Masterchef, la Maison France 5, la Tournée des Popotes, Thalassa, Une famille formidable).

In three years, 22 TV shoots were made, reaching up to 45.503.000 viewers on national and cable channels, with 3 reports on the national TV news, and 14 specific reports on TV shows featuring Street Art, special events and festivals, natural attractions of the region and city breaks. In addition, we gained 5 TV show relocations : Masterchef France, Maison France 5 (architecture leading show), Tournée des Popote (gastronomic primetime show), Thalassa (nature and sea discovery show), Une Famille Formidable (French leading fiction).

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