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Our four European agencies are pleased and proud to launch the group’s new brand: Interface Insights and our exclusive new business intelligence platform European Traveller Intelligence Monitor (ETIM).

Business intelligence and specific market insights have always been the foundations on which we build marketing strategies for tourism brands. In these increasingly uncertain times for the international travel industry we have been busy developing the talent and tools necessary to provide our clients with the certainty that can only be afforded by empirical data and expert analysis. The empirical data comes from our exclusive online traveller intelligence platform European Traveller Intelligence Monitor (ETIM) and the expert analysis is provided by our dedicated Interface Insights team.

20,000 surveys, 5.7 million data points in 13 European markets

The European Traveller Intelligence Monitor is an online business intelligence platform for analysing, interpreting and anticipating the behaviour of Europe’s main tourism markets, capable of processing 5.7 million data points to answer specific questions about travellers’ perception, behaviour and intention with regard to 100 destinations. The European Traveller Intelligence Monitor uses a proprietary algorithm that combines data from a panel of 20,000 surveys in 13 European markets, cross-referencing behaviour, habits, perceptions, concerns, motivations and inspirational factors of travellers, with relevant demographic information.

Why now ?


COVID19 has completely dismantled all the accepted tourism marketing dogmas. In recent years we have adopted big data analytics as a way to predict the future but who could have predicted the situation the industry finds itself in since March 2020?


Predictive big data analytics usually relies on applying models from the past and tends to fall short when there is no precedent to model on.  When designing recovery strategies, the quantitative data shows the symptoms but we need qualitative information to decide the treatment.

The quantitative data shows the symptoms but we need qualitative information to decide the treatment

This is why we have developed ETIM as an innovative hybrid solution that analyses large quantities of qualitative data to enable tourism players to understand the situation and also understand its effect on their potential visitors.

Off-the-shelf insights

The tool may be of particular use right now but its applications and by-products are certainly not limited to COVID recovery plans and this tool is set to redefine the way in which we approach many of the key tasks in tourism marketing in the future. Some of the immediate applications include:

  • Brand Analysis Report: What do tourists think about a destination and how does this align with our brand KPIs?
  • Competitor analysis and Benchmark: How does a destination compare with its direct and indirect competitors?
  • Booking patterns: How do potential tourists search, choose, plan and book their trips?
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on travel intentions: thanks to specific questions, the platform offers an analysis of the crisis’ effects on the perceptions of numerous destinations, as well as on travel intent.

For our clients and for our whole sector:

Interface Tourism will, of course, be using this unique tool in all it’s activity for our ongoing clients. The Interface Insights team however offers business intelligence solutions, including access to our online ETIM platform, reports or bespoke surveys and consultancy services on an ad hoc basis to any interested travel and tourism destination or provider.


For more information or a free live demonstration of ETIM feel free contact our insights team.

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Caroline Maincent

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