Mass Advertising Campaigns: Sichuan showcased everywhere in Paris!

As Sichuan is a totally unknown Chinese province in the French market, we launched a campaign to increase visibility and notoriety. We implemented a far reaching communications activity, to maximise the impact of the campaign whilst within a reasonable budget.

5 February 2016


What we've achieved

For this campaign, three activities were successively implemented in the French capital:

– First, 450 Parisian taxis were branded Sichuan, visible by all the Parisians during a total of 945.000 taxi rides! In addition, more than 30.000 flyers promoting Sichuan were distributed to the taxi customers.

– Then, 200 Smart cars were fully decorated with Sichuan colors and drove more than 300.000 kilometers in the whole of Paris!

– In parallel, a street marketing activity was organised in three highly busy areas of Paris (Opera, Champs Elysées and Eiffel Tower) with teams dressed up as pandas, distributing flyers and a prizedraw.

In total, more than 15 million people were targeted through the activities, and more than 32000 flyers distributed!

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