Develop the image of Chile through communication campaigns

Chile was lacking a striking brand and image in comparison to their competitors such as Peru, Argentina and Brazil. In order to develop a strong brand positioning of the country amongst the French population, Chile Tourism Board entrusted its global representation to Interface Tourism in March 2011.

1 February 2016
5 February 2016


What we've achieved

To promote Chile, Interface Tourism decided to direct its strategy of communication towards 2 main targets: Trade professionals to reinforce their product of Chile and to develop their sales, and directly to consumers so that the destination achieved a highly visile image in the French market.

We implemented joint-marketing campaigns with 8 tour operators to strengthen the visibility of Chile and especially through advertisements in the printed media (5 648 000 readerership),

organising thematic B2C events (195 participants), creating several online campaigns (Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, Yahoo Native Ads…), newsletter mailings (576 000 contacts), and communicating via social networks with 50 posts and tweets (31 683 internet users). A highly visible outdoor campaign was launched with a strong impact with 300 Smart cars in the Paris area, fully branded with Chile imagery, and a digital display campaign within the windows of 750 travel-agencies, allowing the consumer to become fully acquainted with the destination

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