Live my life of… Sophie, Chief Happiness Officer

Live my life of…
Sophie, Chief Happiness Officer

Where does the idea of ​​creating a Happiness Team come from?

It is more a collective idea. Originally, the idea was more to share moments of relaxation together, or make a better use of our superb terrace.

But the idea of ​​brightening our daily lives and creating a complicity between the employees quickly prevailed!

With the support of the  Interface Tourism’s management, the Happiness Team was born. I was appointed Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), and 3 other musketeers make up the Happiness Team.

What exactly is your mission as Chief Happiness Officer?

To imagine activities, more or less related to our work environment, find providers, negotiate deals, and organize all this … with the busy schedule of the tourism sector that we all know.

There is also the “Inspiration of the day”, sent every Wednesday to the entire agency, where I put forward the talents of photographer of my colleagues, with quotes of personalities a little more famous than us. The Happiness Team organized the team building of last June. We have also negotiated rates with the lunch delivery service Foodchéri, for example.

Overall, it covers everything that contributes to making you feel better at the office and within the team.

The Happiness Team is a real mission, and one that is very important to me! I look at what is happening in large companies (who have a full-time CHO) and that could be adaptable to our scale. First step: we already have our own logo.



What qualities are required to be CHO according to you?

I would say that the main quality required is a good mood, plenty of joie de vivre and especially the desire to share it. A foolproof positive spirit also helps a lot.

Over time, I discovered that you also needed a good deal of patience.

You do not become CHO if you don’t like to communicate, or if you tend to be a loner.


Do you decide on activities / initiatives or is it a collaborative process?

There are several types of activities, some of which have been imagined and suggested by the Happiness Team, such as the manicure sessions (I would even say selfishly suggested by myself 🙂 ).

But everyone is free to come up with an idea. The Happiness Team then analyzes its feasibility, and follows up … or not!



What means are there to support you in your actions?

Interface Tourism makes the premises available, at lunchtime or in the evening, provided of course that it does not disturb the professional environment! The terrace has hosted our yoga classes this summer; the small meeting room accommodates our manicure sessions, and so on.

If employees have to cover the costs of some activities, others can also be covered by the agency, such as the intervention of an ergonomist to improve our postures and our direct environment. Interface Tourism also organizes half a day of team building every year. The Happiness Team was in charge of organizing it this summer.

Our director, Blaise Borezée, appreciates the idea very much and encourages us in our actions.



Have you already noticed some results on the employees?

Indeed, it seems to me that satisfaction is unanimous so far. Not everyone is concerned with all the activities organized, even if we try to think about everyone, but this bubble of well-being seems to fulfill its role and bring joy and enthusiasm.

And this is the primary goal of the Happiness Team: make everyone come to work with a smile!


Sophie Salcedo Account Director

Sophie Salcedo

Account Director

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