Live my life of…Blaise, General Director of Interface Tourism France

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Live my life of…Blaise, General Director of Interface Tourism France

Live my life of…
Blaise, General Director of Interface Tourism France

How did you become General Manager of Interface?

I joined the agency in 2005 to work on the tourism promotion of Taiwan first, then of the Philippines. Later on, I took the lead of the marketing team and then I became general manager to take over the operational direction. Since the beginning, I have been really involved in a number of projects related to the strategy of the agency. My responsibilities increased progressively with the support of Gaël, the founder and CEO of Interface Tourism.

What’s a typical day for a general manager?

There is no a daily routine but one single mission to pursue: to make sure that our clients, more numerous every day, are fully satisfied, and that so is our team.

What was the destination you loved working for the most when you were still just a collaborator?

The most exciting part in our job is to reveal little known territories and hidden gems, but also destinations that are already known but whose perception does not reflect their true wealth. In this regards, every destination is of interest.
But if I had to pick only one place, it would be the Philippines! The vibrant culture, the kindness of the people, the beauty of the landscapes give this country a unique identity. I am delighted to see that today more and more French are willing to discover the archipelago of 7107 islands.

According to you, what is the biggest challenge to address when running an agency like Interface?

There are two major challenges to address: ensuring that this business project is a collective project supported by a tightly-welded team pursuing the same objective. Interface Tourism is not a one man/woman show although we do have some stars in our team 😉 The second one would be the transformation of the agency to propose innovative solutions in phase with the evolution of the tourism and communication industry. No need to say that considering the current evolutions, there is no time to rest!

How do you see the future for Interface in 5 years?

We will take new steps to become a major player in tourism promotion. We will work more closely with French territories as well as private actors. We will be an international agency, leading in the industry, with a unique and innovative model, the same way Mazarine became a leader in the luxury industry.

If you hadn’t ended up working in tourism, what job would you have loved to do?

As a teenager, I would have said “explorer”… When I graduated in Chinese and management, I wanted to become a documentary film maker. I have always wanted to work in an open minded and travel-oriented sector, I was passionate about traveling, exploring the world. This thirst of discovery finally led me to tourism. Although I did not give up on my dreams ….

Besides tourism, what is your secret hobby?

Surfing, for a few years already… with the rhythm of a Parisian surfer. That being said, I am very motivated, the Atlantic shore is not so far away and it’s quite easy to head to Portugal or Morocco for a couple of days. Beyond the thrilling sensations, I love learning, progressing and challenging myself. It takes time to handle big waves so it should keep my busy for some time.

Where are you going this summer?

I will spend some times in the Landes and then French Alps. Active holidays as you can see!

Blaise Borezée Directeur général Interface Tourism

Blaise Borezée

General Manager

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