The learning expeditions: an attractive event format for the MICE industry

The learning expeditions: 
An attractive event format for the MICE industry

Combining the traditional MICE events (incentives, seminars and meetings), the “learning expeditions” involves taking managers abroad and organizing innovative company visits, meetings with inspiring personalities who have different practices from those used in their country of origin.

The goal of these expeditions is the implementation of a policy of change, which is achieved through the participants’ change of scenes. Once away from their daily routine, participants are more willing to learn.

Indeed, they  are confronted with widely different worlds and methods, they immerse themselves into another culture through encounters with others. Cultural diversity brings a positive vision that helps the manager to transform his habits and to question what are the best practices to have.

The country’s choice is therefore strategic. The organizers select it for the companies settled there, but also for the work methodologies. The whole trip is based on the pleasure of learning and discovery, which are keystone of these corporate events.

The experience leads managers to consider new practices or new management methods that can inspire them and help them to implement new actions in their company. Beyond managerial training, discovery trips can also be used to study and invest new markets. It allows acquire a global strategic thinking. For example, what are the best practices to implement for an international team in a global company?

The stakes are therefore specific to each company and must be clearly defined before departure.

Managers come back as a more cohesive team and the trip acts thereby as a real team-building experience. Through discovery, the teams learn to better share and feed their desire to learn, which are fundamental qualities for company growth. The format of the event is applicable to all types of companies, from SMEs to large corporations, but also both for the private and the institutional sector.

While French companies’ meetings have largely been carried out in Europe these past years, mostly for budgetary reasons, we can hope that with “learning expeditions”, companies will again turn toward long-haul destinations. As trips are in this case both exotic and informative, the movement in itself becomes a true added value. Some major destinations for this type of events are Singapore, Japan, South Korea, or California with Silicone Valley for example.

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